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Casting News: FOUR


The Divergent Facebook page has my thoughts here (along with pictures!), but I’ll put them here too:

Recently I saw Theo James’ screen test with Shailene Woodley, and I was sure within seconds: this was ‘Four,’ no question. Theo is able to capture ‘Four’s’ authority and strength, as well as his depth and sensitivity. He is a perfect match for Shailene’s incredibly strong presence as Tris. I’m thrilled!

Happy Friday, everyone.

  • Me: I'm so tired I could collaspe into bed and sleep for a year..
  • Me: gets in bed
  • Me: how was earth created
  • Me: who made microwaves
  • Me: how does the interenet even work
  • Me: I'm hungry
  • Me: feels bad about something I did 4 years ago
  • Me: remembers 73 unfinished tasks
  • Me: too wired to sleep.


my parents literally never gave me the sex talk they just sent me to public school  



i can’t talk on my mac webcam at night because im just floating  eyes and lips im like a really creepy chesire cat help it’s so hard being black in 2013

imagei wasnt kidding guys im terrified help this is going to give me nightmares




looks like he’s saying “pizzaaaaa” so passionately

your mouth says pizza but your hair says ramen noodles.

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